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Secure Web and Email Hosting

So you’ve been part of the creation of a brilliant website with gizmos and gadgets that really showcase how incredibly awesome your business, and maybe even you in particular, are!

In order to make it live, you have to secure hosting. Without hosting, your site is just a nice piece of artwork that no one will ever see.

Com Edu Org Website HostingChoosing the right hosting service is more important than you may realize. It affects your sites search engine rankings, first of all, but beyond that, you must have reliability. What good is a site that is down half the time? That’s lost business – lost revenue – right out the door!

At Watchtower IT Services, we offer the most heroic hosting service you’ll ever need. Not only can you relax knowing your site stays live and in front of users, but we also back up your data so if a sinister villain wreaks havoc on the internet, we’ll still have all your information safely stored away.

The same is true for your company’s email. With our service, you’ll get an email that reflects your business’s name, rather than a generic “gmail” account, which makes you look so much more professional. Your employees will be able to email each other, customers, and the rest of the world with a Watchtower hosted email product.

Get in touch and together we’ll figure out what’s best for your business!


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Office 365 is the premier cloud productivity suite from Microsoft. It's a bundle of services and products that nearly every small business needs.



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