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What the heck is Search Engine Optimization anyway? Our developers could go on for days…and days…telling you all about the intricacies of optimizing a website to get found by search engines. But rather than bore you (sorry, developers), let’s just say we know what we’re doing.

search seoWhen someone jumps on the internet to find something, like “Super Hero web designers in Findlay,” and type their request into the search bar, all the search engine bots scan the billions of sites and all their information in an incredible matter of imperceptible nanoseconds and then gives the user a list of results.

We make sure your site gets seen and listed when a user is looking for what you offer.

There are basic things like using keywords in your copy, leveraging headings and picture descriptions, and trickier things like meta descriptions, sitemaps, and link-building.

And while Google and their enemies do change algorithms for finding and displaying search results, seemingly all the time, we stay on top of it all, so you don’t have to.

Your focus should be on the content within each page, and we’ll help you with that, too.

You can call one of our developers (at your own risk), or you can just submit a contact form, and someone less scary will call you back! Tell us how your site is ranking and we’ll work on a plan for improving those results.

Top Secret Intel:

Flag City Online is an innovative business directory that helps your local business get found by local searchers. When we develop your website, ask us about this great SEO tool. Since Flag City Online is one of our crime-fighting sidekicks, you could earn a discount on their service rolled right into your hosting service with us!

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