Mobile-Friendly Web Design

Optimize for Every Device

Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smart phones, and smart TVs all compete for access to the internet. And people just can’t live without the internet!

Responsive design cooking tabletSo when it’s time for them to search out the product or service your company provides, your site better look amazing regardless of the size of the device the prospect is using.

In the old days, like 5 whole years ago, website developers would simply create one website and URL for displaying on the big viewers (like desktops and laptops) and another version of the same site, with its own URL that would display all nice and neat on a smart phone or tablet.

That put a lot more work on the Googlebots, so developers went to work creating “responsive” design. With x-ray vision in place, websites can now see which device a user is accessing it through and can respond accordingly. It shrinks the information to fit the screen of a smartphone without losing any of the navigation or cool stuff, and without forcing the user to scroll endlessly to find the side of the page.

Now that the robots are happy, too, they find it easier to rank websites and return really good results to searchers. And that’s right where you want your site to be!

Get in touch and let’s talk about creating a responsive mobile-friendly site for your business.

Want to see some we’ve already created to get your own ideas? Go check out our portfolio and let us know what you think.


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