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WCIT - Known as the super heroes of the industry

Everyone has their own superpowers. Maybe yours is running a business, or leading a team. Your hero strength may lie in your ability to sell, to parent, or to teach. Regardless, we each only get a few powers, and those are the ones we need to focus on.

At Watchtower IT Consulting Services we work with businesses to identify strengths and obliterate the weaknesses. We do this by giving you access to technology Iron Man would be impressed with. Our refined Spidey senses discover what your business needs to grow. Whether it’s a newly designed and developed search engine optimized website, or PC security remote monitoring, or cloud based storage and back-ups, our team of Super Heroes have all you need to thwart your enemies.

When you partner with WCIT you can focus on strengthening your own abilities, knowing we have everything else covered.

adventures of Watchtower Consulting IT Services

The best super hero stories tell of challenges to overcome, super powers to discover, a villain to fight, and true love that wins in the end.

watchtower_door-1The same holds true for the backstory of Watchtower IT Services.

It started way back in 1995 when Tiffany began working at a software company and discovered she had super powers for developing software. Trying to keep her powers secret, while also helping as many people as she could, she continued working for powerhouses like Microsoft and local consulting companies that helped others achieve their business efficiency goals.

But during that time unrest settled in. Tiffany knew there was so much more she could accomplish, yet couldn’t see clearly the path she should take.

“I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guard post. There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how he will answer my complaint.” ~Habakkuk 2:1

That scripture had a big impact on Tiffany when she read it; and she became more open-minded to the possibilities in front of her. It started to become clear that opening her own business was the only way she could accomplish all she knew she was meant to.

About this time, she met a handsome young man, with a twinkle in his eye, named Jason. As their friendship deepened, Jason encouraged Tiffany to follow that dream of hers and open a business.

Instead, she took a job at a local financial institution. Maybe it was sinister forces at play, because, of course, they didn’t need a force like hers to be unleashed.

As fate would have it, in 2008, the financial institution collapsed and Tiffany was at a crossroads. Our courageous hero, took that leap-taller-than-the-highest-building jump, and with Jason by her side, opened Watchtower IT Services.

From humble beginnings in a home office, to the premier space in downtown Findlay, Ohio today, Tiffany and Jason together, run their very successful business. And because true love always wins, Tiffany and Jason were married in 2014.

Together they offer clients expertise in desktop/laptop repair, server setup & monitoring, server virtualization and consolidation, data protection and business continuity planning, internet security planning, SharePoint administration, software development, website development, project management, and streamlining business processes.

See why their enemies tried to defeat them?

Regardless, Watchtower IT Services holds fast to their mission to put the knowledge and experience of enterprise-level IT professionals within the reach of any business.

If this is a team you want watching your back, get in touch today; they’ll be ready for you!

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Meet Our Team of Superheroes

  • Jason Miracle

    Partner, Lead IT Manager
    Superpowers: IT super geek, bug exterminator, aviation nut

  • Tiffany Miracle

    Partner, Senior Developer
    Superpowers: Inventive web development, sagacious COO, busy bookworm

  • Patty Koehler

    Administrative Assistant
    Superpowers: Completes tasks faster than a speeding bullet, superior communication skills, saves memories one page at a time

  • David Wishart

    Customer Service Rep
    Superpowers: IT sidekick, taskmaster, cultural connoisseur


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