What can we provide for you with our Cloud Productivity Solutions?

At the core of our cloud productivity solution is Microsoft Office 365. This cloud productivity suite provides a broad range of applications and services that are essential for any business. Office 365 has become the ‘standard’ productivity suite by which all others are compared.

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Microsoft Office

office 365 providersNearly every business today uses Microsoft Office for creating documents and organizing data. Not having these applications available puts you at a disadvantage. The same applies to using an outdated version of Office. Older versions may not be able to correctly open a document created in a newer version. This often leads to confusion and frustration and blaming. It can all be avoided by staying up to date.

Office 365 includes the latest version of the Office desktop applications for use on up to 5 devices per user. You’ll never have to worry about compatibility or license compliance again.




Business-class Email

Office 365’s email service is built for business. This means significantly less spam and malware, 50GB of email storage (so you’ll never run out of space), and calendar & contact syncing to all your devices.

No matter what device you’re using, you’ll always have all your email with you.





1TB Cloud Storage

OneDrive for Business, included with Office 365, is your personal cloud-hosted hard drive. All your ‘stuff’ is securely stored in Microsoft’s data centers and is accessible from all your devices.

We take this a step further and setup your managed PC to automatically sync with OneDrive. Now your PC is protected from accidental data loss or hardware failure and you can access anything on your PC from your phone or tablet no matter where you are.




SharePoint – the cloud-based file server

Office 365 also includes SharePoint. This collaboration tool enables a small business to store and share data in the cloud instead of on the office server. With a little bit of magic and our automation tools, we can seamlessly integrate SharePoint into your office network. Imagine being able to access your network drives from anywhere at any time.

Your data is also protected from accidental deletion or hardware failure with dual recycle bins and an generous 180 days (total) retention policy.

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