Unleash Small Business Productivity Using the Cloud

Why Are Small Businesses Turning to the Cloud?

According to industry research from global SMB technology specialists Techaisle, it’s opportunity, not just efficiency, that’s behind the move. Sure, businesses of all sizes see value in the cloud pricing model that lets you pay as you go for the volume of service you use. But more than 80 percent of SMBs in the United States see productivity as the main benefit.

For smaller businesses of 1–50 employees, productivity through the cloud means giving team members the high-end business tools they need to compete and win. For businesses of 50–250 employees, the main driver is IT productivity: freeing tech-oriented staff from the chores of maintaining software on devices, and empowering them to do more for the business.

What Can Businesses Achieve Through the Cloud?

By extending productivity tools and data to mobile users through the cloud, business managers can make it easier for their people to contribute value and improve the work experience, benefiting the entire organization.

Benefit #1: Use work flexibility to compete for talent.

Smaller businesses face bigger challenges in recruiting top talent; therefore you need every advantage to attract and retain the best people to help you grow. By embracing the cloud for mobile productivity, you can offer a more flexible work experience that lets people balance work and life.

Benefit #2: Enable choice without compromise.

Motivate your people by encouraging them to use the device they prefer, but keep the experience consistent and your data secure through the cloud. This lets you say yes to BYOD (bring your own device) but no to the risk and complexity of supporting so much different equipment.

Benefit #3: Align with global trends in mobility.

You and your team are in good company. More than 260 million people who work in small businesses telecommute or use cloud-based services. The rising global generation is mobile. Tap into this developing market and workforce as your business grows.

Benefit #4: Reduce data risk.

If someone on your team loses a smartphone or tablet that has business data on it, are you sure you can get it back? When you plan for mobile productivity, you can take steps to centralize business information in cloud-based storage while making it available more securely through an app. You can also make it far easier to restore that data once a replacement device connects to it.

For startups and small organizations interested in offering business-class productivity tools for mobile and remote users, the cloud offers better security, convenience, capabilities, and economics.

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