onWatch SHIELD EndPoint Security and how it works for you


onWatch SHIELD EndPoint Security

Our EndPoint Security service is the backbone of our suite of services. Beyond just anti-virus and anti-malware, it provides remote automation and monitoring that is used to streamline the setup and maintenance of many of our cloud services.

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Anti-Virus Protection

Starting with anti-malware, we use one of the highest rated anti-virus applications available today – Vipre Endpoint Security. Vipre EPS packs a lot of power into a light-weight client. We use Vipre as our first line of defense in protecting your PC.

Advanced Ransomware Prevention

VIPRE’s Advanced Active Protection uses real-time behavior monitoring, artificial intelligence and one of the world’s largest threat intelligence clouds to help prevent ransomware.

Malicious URL Blocking

Block users from visiting malicious websites or links serving malware and accidentally infecting their PCs and the network.

Intelligent Anti-Phishing and Email Security

Defend one of ransomware’s top threat vectors, by keeping employee inboxes safe from malicious attachments and phishing links.

Integrated Patch Management

Ensure installed third-party applications are up to date and secure against exploit kits delivering ransomware and data-stealing payloads.

Zero-Day and Unknown Threat Prevention

Putting the world’s most sophisticated anti-malware technologies in your hands, VIPRE helps prevent zero-days other threats that evade traditional signature-based antivirus.

Browser Exploit Protection

Protect against exploits and browser-based downloads with instant, cloud-based URL lookup to protect against this top threat vector.

2nd Opinion Anti-Malware Scanner

Anti-virus software alone isn’t enough to fully protect a PC from malicious software. Browser toolbars, Ad Pop-up software, “Free” games and utilities are common sources for adware, spyware, and ‘junkware’. These unwanted applications do nothing but slow down your PC and cause annoying pop-ups and crashes. Because they’re not technically a virus (the user agreed to their installation, often without realizing what they agreed to), anti-virus software does not block them.

This is where a 2nd opinion anti-malware scanner comes in. We provide a licensed copy of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware software. We install, configure, and manage this application on every PC we monitor to detect and remove potentially unwanted apps. This keeps PC’s running at peak performance.

Windows Patch Management

Keeping your PC updated is just as critical as anti-virus software. These updates fix the bugs that virus writers use to infect your PC. By keeping your PC up to date, you’re protecting yourself from many different attacks.

But turning on automatic updates and forgetting about it isn’t always a good idea. Occasionally an update for Windows may cause a conflict with another application on the PC. This can lead to PC slowdowns or crashes. Sometimes an update doesn’t install correctly which can cause other updates to become ‘stuck’, leaving your PC unpatched and unprotected.

Our service monitors the state of every approved patch to ensure they’re installed correctly. Every update also goes through a pilot phase to help reduce the chance of an update causing a conflict or problem.

PC Health Monitoring

Every PC generates thousands of events in various logs every day. It’s impossible to read these logs manually. Out system automatically looks for specific events and creates a service ticket for any that require attention. In many cases, the system can even automatically start a script that can silently repair minor problems.

By alerting us to errors as soon as their detected, we have a much greater chance at preventing a serious outage. Even things like a failing hard drive can often be detected early enough that we can schedule its replacement at a time that’s convenient for you. What could have been major disaster now becomes routine and controlled.


PC Management Automation

PC management automation may not sound like something a small business needs, but it’s just as important for small businesses as it is for large enterprises. Automation helps increase efficiency. Being efficient keeps costs down and boosts productivity. All of this helps a small business get the most out of limited budgets.

Everything from PC updates, alerts, software installations, to subscription renewals and end-of-life notifications are done with automation. This helps us make sure no details are missed and to be proactive. We are often able to solve problems earlier, saving time and money, then if we waited until the problem caused a service interruption.

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