onWatch Services Working Together for You

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We’ve designed our services to compliment themselves. While each service works well on its own, a small business network can see significant benefits from the synergies of all our services working together.



EndPoint Security

Our EndPoint Security service is the foundation of how we manage our client’s PC’s. By ensuring our clients PC’s are up-to-date, healthy, and protected, we cut down on a large amount of service requests. When the PC is working as it should, other services can work more efficiently and with fewer problems. We don’t see value in just providing a license to an anti-virus software and turning our clients loose. We make sure it’s installed and running. We monitor it daily to make sure it’s updated regularly. Alerts tell us when a threat has been detected so we can provide advice on how to eliminate that threat. We also know when it’s time to retire a PC versus spending money on upgrades. Monthly reports give you an overview of the health of every endpoint and make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Managed Cloud Solutions

With the endpoints secured, adding cloud services like Office 365 help our clients be more productive. By always having the latest version of Office install on your PC, you have fewer problems sharing files with co-workers or clients and the applications just work better. Cloud storage makes it easier to work whenever the mood strikes and protects your important data from accidental deletion or hardware failures. Business class email service keeps you connected no matter what device you happen to pick up. Cloud services just make life easier.


Managed Network Services

Now that you’re working in the cloud more often, reliable internet access becomes critically important. Fortunately, internet service providers have gotten faster with fewer service interruptions than in the past. Add smartphones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, and smart TV’s to the mix and now it’s not uncommon for a small office of 5 people to have 15, 20, sometimes 50 separate devices all sharing a single internet connection. Prioritizing the bandwidth you have becomes critical. You don’t want a 5GB photo download that needs to run for 6 hours to prevent you from checking your email until after it finishes. That’s where our managed security appliances come into play. We can detect what website and services are being accessed and give business-critical services higher priority over other sites like music streaming and social media. By balancing bandwidth usage, everyone can do everything they need and want to do without causing headaches for the rest of the office.


Data Protection Solutions

The last piece of the puzzle is protecting any data stored on-premise. We provide local and offsite data backups to ensure nothing is lost in the event of a disaster. Our managed backup service can protect entire servers down to just a single folder on a desktop PC. We monitor each backup job remotely to ensure it completes successfully and alert you if anything needs attention. Sending data offsite to secure cloud storage ensures you can get you data back after even the worst disaster.

Whether you use our services together or by themselves, you can be assured that you will quickly see the benefits that our onWatch services offer your small business.

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