Let us put Managed Network Security to work for you

Our managed security appliances are the first line of defense for your entire network. Every bit of data flowing in or out of your office is scanned for malware. Inappropriate content is filtered and internet resources are prioritized.


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Whole Network Content Filtering

Content filtering is no longer about spying on your employees. Web advertising is everywhere and not all ads are safe. Malware authors will create ads with links to malicious websites or download and distribute these ads through various ad networks. Legitimate websites can inadvertently display malicious ads to their visitors spreading malware. A good content filter detects and blocks both malicious and inappropriate content regardless of its source.

Bandwidth Prioritization

Internet bandwidth management has also become important with the rise of cloud services. Your internet service provider can only provide a fixed amount of bandwidth that must be shared with everyone in your office. Prioritizing things like voice and email traffic over social media or music streaming helps ensure your bandwidth is used for business purposes first.

Whole Network Virus and Spyware Filtering

By scanning every packet of data coming into your network for viruses and spyware, you can filter out malicous content before it ever reaches your PC or smart-device. We use this as another layer of defense in the battle against bugs and hackers.

 Monthly Security Report

See exactly how much bandwidth your devices use every month. See the most frequently visited websites and services. View the number of bugs and attacks detected and blocked each month. This info can be very useful to organizations who want to know their IT resources are being used appropriately. Monitoring this data over time can provide clues about the health of other devices as well.

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