Is Appearance Everything?

We’re sure most of you have heard the age-old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Its true! Images, tell a story, convey a message and allow us to understand what you’re talking about. People are visual creatures thus what others see has an impact on your success.

Appearance may not be everything but it is important. First impressions are formed within seconds when an individual clicks on your website or flips through your company brochure. Using quality images not only show what you have to offer but can immediately build trust and guide potential customers to take action.

It’s simple – professional, captivating imagery shows credibility and keeps your customers engaged. We’re not just talking about using a bunch of pretty pictures but a way to visualize information that will make your brand stick in in your viewers mind. A great example is Opening Night Take a look at their homepage and don’t think about what you see but what you don’t see. Looking at the images, we immediately recognize what the business does. Their photos show off their products and provide you with a few categories of information to direct you to what you need. The clean layout of the site puts the focus on the images and guides the user throughout the site, almost like a book telling a story.

If you want a professional, trustworthy website that generate sales, then your images need to reflect that. Capture your visitors with beautiful imagery. Take pictures of your team in action, shots of the local area, recent projects you’ve worked on, or use stock photos that are relevant to your business.

Remember the best photos are the ones that make your brand stick in your viewers mind.

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