How to Add an Event to Your WordPress Site

Adding an Event to your WordPress Site with the All In One Events Calendar

The All in One Events Calendar is a powerful tool to utilize within your WordPress site. It is a very user-friendly event management plugin; with just a few clicks and bit of information your event can easily be added. The plugin allows you to sort your events into categories, pull up coordinates using Google Maps to allow your clients to be able to locate your venue more easily, and even purchase tickets to your event. Below I have outlined the basic steps to get your events advertised on your All in One Events Calendar.

Log into the Word Press admin to add an event. Click on Events and select Add New. Add a title for your event.

Fill out the details of your event date and time. There are boxes that can be checked if your event will happen all day or if your event doesn’t have an end time.

Make sure that your correct time zone is selected.

If the event is something that will be recurring, you can check the box next to repeat and a box will pop up that will allow you to set the recurrence of the event.

If the event is something that will be recurring, you can check the box next to repeat and a box will pop up that will allow you to set the recurrence of the event.

Next you can add the details of your event location. Click on Event Location Details to open the section. Type in the name and the address of where your event is being held.

In the next section labeled Event Cost and Tickets, you can add information regarding tickets - if they are needed for your event, the cost, and where they can be purchased. You have the option of No Tickets, Tickets which is a service you will have to sign up for to use. The third option is External Tickets which allows you to insert a URL to a website where tickets are available to purchase.  In this section you can also mark if your event is free or has a cost.

The last section you can add contact information for the person organizing the event that may need to be reached in case of any questions about your event. You can also add a link to your website for any further information.

In the big white box below that, you can add as much information about your event as you would like. Including adding in any media. Click the Media button and that will open the Insert Media page. Here you can upload files or choose a picture already in the media file.

Choose your photo and click the Insert into Post button.

In the next section titled Discussion, you need to select whether you want to allow Comments on your event or allow trackbacks and pingbacks to your page. Trackbacks and Pingbacks are designed to allow comments on two different blogs to be followed on each blog. For most calendar events you can uncheck both boxes. This will help to filter spam and not allow it on your page.

After all of the information has been filled out, you are ready to publish. You can choose to publish it immediately or you can set it to publish at a later date. When finished, click the blue Publish button and your event has been added to your WordPress calendar.

With just those few simple steps your event has been uploaded to your calendar on your WordPress site. If you would like a more detailed step by step please check out the video tutorial on our website.


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