Defend Yourself Against Poweliks Malware

We’ve seen an increase in rootkit malware infections over the past several weeks. Rootkits by definition are stealthy bugs that are specifically designed to hide from normal methods of detection. Their purpose is generally to grant the attacker full (or ‘root’) access to the compromised system. This leads to the PC becoming heavily infected with multiple instances of active malware. In many cases, the PC is rendered virtually unusable.

Most recently, we’ve run up against the Poweliks Trojan. This virus is particularly nasty in that even the best rootkit removers are unable to detect it. The most common symptoms are slow PC performance, being unable to download files from the internet, and frequent messages from anti-malware software that a malicious website has been blocked.

The best defense against these kinds of bugs are being selective about any email attachments you open, keeping your PC completely up-to-date, and closely monitoring anti-virus software on every PC. If you’re one of our clients and subscribe to our monitoring service, you can be assured we are actively watching for any symptoms of Poweliks on your PC’s. We’ve developed a monitor specifically for this virus that will alert us of a potential infection so we can take immediate action.

Give us a call at 567-429-1776 if you want to know more and learn how we can prevent these infections and more from causing havoc with your small business.

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