Collaborate with Your Team In Real Time

It’s no secret that computers, the web, and social media have all dramatically changed the way we work. What we used to compose on typewriters (remember those?) or file away in clangy, metal filing cabinets, we now take care of completely electronically with just a few keystrokes and a click of the mouse.

Technology now enables us to work faster, more productively, and with more flexibility than ever. You can easily pull together the resources you need and then toss them when you’re done. This is a smarter use of resources – and greener too. Instead of storing files on external hard drives, now you can simply go to the cloud.

Using cloud storage, such as Microsoft OneDrive allows you to get more done, collaborate with your team in real time, and work more flexibly than you ever have before.

What is Cloud Storage?

Let’s start with the basics. The phrase cloud storage brings to mind for me the feeling of stretching out on a hillside on a summer day while my nephew points out the animals and shapes in the clouds above. Cloud storage is a little like that – the ability of your technology to take on the shape you need for the type of project you need to accomplish. Need to share files with clients or other team members? Want to organize and backup your files? With cloud storage you can easily do just that.

So where is this cloud? The real definition of the phrase cloud computing simply means the ability to access files and apps through multiple devices – computer, tablet or phone.

Teamwork Everywhere – In the Office and On-the-Go

Teams enable individual workers to get together in the name of a common goal. Your team for an inbound marketing plan could include a copy writer, a graphic designer, a project manager and someone who can provide the financial detail. Now employees are often on the road, traveling from place to place. How will your team meet its goals? Will the project manager know where to get the copy writers content? How will the designer get access to the photographs for the project?

If your team involves one or more people, you need:

  • A way to make files accessible to all workers
  • A means to reading project notes and updates
  • A shared site than can be accessed by laptops, smartphones and tablets

That is where Microsoft’s OneDrive comes in. With OneDrive you have a shared team space always available, where you can add documents, share files and notes and collaborate on projects. Office 365 OneDrive gives you the abilities you need as a team to be successful, no matter when or where you work. They could very well be working from the coffee shop on the corner!

Now that you’ve learned the capabilities of cloud storage and how to collaborate with your team in real time, you can try building strategies for building successful teams. And get some good ideas on practical ways you can put all this cloud power to work.

Sources: Partnership with Microsoft


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