Choosing the Right Domain Name

For 75% of the projects we create, a domain name is already established. However, in some cases, we’ve been called on to purchase or provide advice on choosing a domain. Here are a few tips we use in selecting a successful domain name.

Let’s start with what a domain name is. A domain name or URL is your website’s address. It is how the public finds your business online. For example, Watchtower’s domain is

When you first begin the domain search, think about the keywords that best describe your business. For instance, your business name, the service or product you provide, or your location. The domain name is the first thing people notice about a site so it should provide a good idea of what your sites about. Next, create a unique domain name that is easy to remember. Word of mouth marketing relies on the ease with which the company or domain name can be recalled. If your domain requires difficult spelling or is considerably long, no one will be able to tell others about it because they can’t remember it themselves.

Keep in mind your domain name is likely to be tied to your site for a long time so choose one that will grow with you. For example, if Ethan owns a store that currently sells baseball gear but also plans to sell football equipment as their store grows, would be a better domain name than

Stick with .com. The .com is the most widely used extension. When you tell someone to go to your site, in most cases they are going to think “”. After purchasing a domain ending in .com, it's a great idea to pick up other extensions, like .net and .org, as you can point these domains to your original site to pick up any visitors that may type in a different extension.

Our final tip is to make sure another company isn’t using the name you’ve selected.

Take your time and put some thought into choosing a domain name. In most cases, you will already have a name if your site is going to be for a business.

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