A Year for Learning

When I look back at 2016 and what we have accomplished this year, the over-whelming “theme” was learning. We are maturing. Watchtower can no longer call itself a start-up.  We have built good relationships with our clients and keep looking for ways to better their I.T. experience. In the fast-paced world of technology, figuring out what to focus on can sometimes be a moving target. Jason spends a lot of time keeping up on these trends, watching what they’re doing, where they’re heading, and steers Watchtower in the right direction.

This past year has led us more and more down the “cloud solutions” path. Due to this pathway we have moved several clients to Azure hosted server solutions and expect to see further growth in this area in 2017. Our tech team also had several clients looking for solutions to business problems and provided them with solutions using Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint Apps so they have 24x7 access to their data. We’ve invested time in training on these Microsoft tools. We know how they work and we know how they can help businesses thrive in this digital world. We have also been listening to our clients to come up with new ways to solve business tech problems more efficiently. We've found ways to combine the cloud services we've learned and trained on with on-premise client PC's and servers to both increase our client’s systems reliability and give them the flexibility to work from anywhere and on any device.

On the web side of the house, we have been listening to what small business owners are looking for in a website. This has led us to do a ton of training on digital inbound services. We put our website sales on hold to learn this emerging process that will help clients to build their web presence. We've used this process on ourselves and started seeing almost an immediate response. With this success, we have talked to our clients – especially those interested in their web presence – to see if we were on the right track and the overwhelming answer was yes!  Our team has spent many man hours working on these solutions – honing and refining, then documenting and automating the processes needed.  We are now on the precipice of 2017 and ready to bring onWatch Digital Inbound to the small business community.

We're excited about all of the new opportunities that await us in 2017. Technology is advancing faster than ever and we plan on being right here helping our community get the most out of it. It's been an awesome adventure the last 6 years and we're ready for many more!

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