5 Ways to Appear in Google Search Results

Would you like to your business to be easily found online for the services and products you sell? Of course! Everyone wants their website to be discovered in the top search results of Google. Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as just building a beautiful site and hoping visitors come to check out your products.

If you want to gain valuable search traffic and turn leads into customers, you have to put together a strong plan.

Create an SEO Strategy

The first step to success is creating a solid SEO strategy. Determine the best keywords your business can compete on. Don’t use broad keywords or ones that are too competitive. Instead create a list of keywords that use specific services or local terms. For instance, web design is much too hard for us to rank for so instead we use ‘Findlay web design companies’.

Don’t Let Your Website Go Stale

Keep your website content fresh. Simply add a new page, images, a blog post, a new tool or a resource. Why? Because search engines love fresh content. And so do your visitors. If you let your website sit still for too long, search engines like Google get bored and your rankings could drop. Additionally, how many times will an individual visit your website if your content never changes? By keeping your content up to date and relevant you will continue to please search engines as well as your viewers helping you to appear in Google search results.

Start Blogging

An easy way to keep your content fresh is to create a blogging strategy. Select a topic that a potential client may want more information about. Then choose a keyword to focus on. For every new article you post that is one more indexed page on your website which means one more way for visitors to find your business.

Add Quality Links

Next, you’ll want to add some inbound links that connect to your website. Inbound or backlinks are links on other websites that hyperlink back to your website usually as a reference that supports the content on their website. By adding quality links back to your site you gain the authority that will drive better search rankings. Remember 85% of SEO is inbound links, 15 % is SEO best practices.

Use Social Media

Many small businesses find social media overwhelming so they skip over it. This is a mistake. Social media platforms are a great place for companies to reach a new audience and share information. Every time you write a blog post, make a video, promote an eBook, you can share it on a social channel and extend your business’s reach. Start small by researching what platform your target audience uses. Then set some goals and commit to a posting schedule.

In conclusion, remember to keep your website fresh and growing by using a strong SEO strategy. Your efforts could produce many rewards, helping you grow your business and reach its goals.


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