2 Ways to Sum a Column within an Excel Worksheet

Microsoft Excel is an excellent tool to have in your back pocket to sort and collect your data for a variety of tasks from keeping track of accounts payable; to doing inventory of office supplies. Even something fun like tracking Superhero Statistics can easily be done with Excel. One of the easiest ways to allow Excel to be an integral part of your spreadsheet entry is to use it as a calculator. The SUM function can do all the work for you and add your figures within your columns. Below, we will cover the two easiest ways to sum a column within an Excel worksheet.

How to Sum a Column with One Click

This is the best option if you just need to quickly view the calculation of your columns sum.

Step One

Click on the letter of the column with the numbers you want to sum.


Step Two

Look at the Status Bar at the bottom of your screen, there you will see the average of the numbers in your column, the number of rows in your column and the sum of the numbers in your column.


How to Total Columns using AutoSum function

This option should be used if you need the sum of your column to appear on your worksheet.

Step One

Click on the first empty cell below the column you want to sum.


Step Two

Click the AutoSum bottom which can be found under the Home tab in your toolbar at the top of your screen.

Step Three

Excel will automatically add the beginning of the formula for you.


Step Four

Select the row range in the column by stretching the box around the rows that you need to sum and press enter on your keyboard.

Step Five

Excel fills in the formula; adds the figures in the column for you and inserts it in the cell you selected.


This gives you just two of the ways that Excel can make your life easier and help you become an organizational superhero. What’s great about Excel is if you are doing something manually within your spreadsheet, chances are there is a function option that can do the work for you - even as simple as addition without getting out your calculator!

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