onWatch Guard – Data Protection Solutions

Protecting your business and personal data is critical, yet it's often ignored until it's too late.

We offer a complete range of local and cloud-based backup solutions that we can customize to fit any business.

Cloud Storage & Sync Solutions

Office 365's OneDrive for Business service is a great solution for file & folder sync.

  • Access all of your files from all of your devices.
  • Easily share files with your team and your customers
  • Protect your data in real-time.
  • Recover deleted or corrupted files easily

Managed Data Backup Solutions

We have a managed backup solution to fit any scenario. Backup to local and cloud storage for both fast recovery and complete disaster recovery scenarios.

  • File & Folder Backup
  • Baremetal Imaging
  • Virtual Machine backup
  • Local & Cloud storage options

Business Continuity Planning

A solid data protection strategy is a requirement for any business.  Planning for how to recover when disaster strikes is the final piece of the puzzle.

Have you thought about the impact to your business if it takes days or weeks to restore your data after a major disaster? How would you continue operating?

Having the right mix of local & offsite backups, cloud storage, and remote applications can help ensure your business keeps operating even in the middle of a disaster.

 Check out our complete line of service offerings for network management, endpoint security, and cloud services.

Managed Network Solutions

EndPoint Security Solutions

Managed Cloud & Web Solutions


Hardware & Operating System Monitoring


onWatch Hosted 365

Office 365 is the premier cloud productivity suite from Microsoft. It's a bundle of services and products that nearly every small business needs.



Software Update Management



PC Lifecycle Management



Managed Anti-Virus

Managed Anti-Malware



Monthly Health Reports



Priority Support



Windows 10 Enterprise Subscription



Web Content Filtering Subscription