Support and Consulting

We Won't Let Disaster Strike on Our Watch

Every second your system is down is time and revenue lost. Just think of what would happen if you weren’t able to book appointments, take payments, use your email, or connect to the internet.

On second thought, don’t think of it! The horror!

The good news is, when you are a Watchtower IT Services managed service client, the types of disasters that typically cause the worst problems are cut off at the pass with our remote monitoring protection. For those times that hardware acts up or other issues arise, we can patch in remotely to see if we can use our super powers that way, or get our technicians out there in 4 hours or less to get you back up and running and making money. We promise they won’t show up in tights or capes!

Something else we’re really good at is project planning. From server migrations, workstation upgrades, wireless network roll-outs, or software deployments, we’ve got your back! Our experience can help you avoid common problems and wasted effort.

Let’s talk; you tell us just what you need and we’ll tell you how we can provide it within your budget.