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Nothing is worse than being forced to work in your business rather than on your business. Every minute you spend doing tasks outside of your area of expertise, is time you could have spent helping your business grow by providing your service or selling your goods.

A doctor should be caring for patients.

A mechanic should be focused on cars.

A small business owner should be focused on customer care and acquisition.

You can’t, and shouldn’t stop, to try to handle your own IT.

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At Watchtower IT Services, we partner with businesses in any industry and develop a plan to manage all their IT according to their goals and needs. Because each company is different. So are budgets.

That’s why we offer several packages that allow for minimal to complete IT managed services.

For starters, we’ll keep watch over your systems and stop any intruders on their path. Hackers and viruses don’t stand a chance when our stealth team of mega-powerful specialists are keeping guard. And we don’t even have to be onsite. Remote monitoring lets us see activity on your system and alerts will let us know of an impending issue. Then, we’ll come to the rescue and make the changes necessary long before it becomes an issue.

And on the off chance that some nasty monster does get through, we have tools for annihilating them as well.

Priority support comes standard with any service plan, and we also offer pre-paid blocks of time, or just good ol’ call-us-when-you-need-us hourly rates.

So, go ahead and get back to working on your business. We’ll do the work in your business!

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onWatch Hosted 365

Office 365 is the premier cloud productivity suite from Microsoft. It's a bundle of services and products that nearly every small business needs.



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