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The Benefits of Multiple Monitors

It is very easy to argue that in today’s cloud-based era that businesses should   focus on solutions that are directed towards employees that are on-the-go. However, work space productivity at a desktop set-up can be equally important. Whether your employees are working on desktop machines, laptops, tablets or our favored Microsoft Surface, creating an…

Let us put Managed Network Security to work for you

Our managed security appliances are the first line of defense for your entire network. Every bit of data flowing in or out of your office is scanned for malware. Inappropriate content is filtered and internet resources are prioritized.   Click Here to request more info about our Managed Network Services     Whole Network Content…

What can we provide for you with our Cloud Productivity Solutions?

At the core of our cloud productivity solution is Microsoft Office 365. This cloud productivity suite provides a broad range of applications and services that are essential for any business. Office 365 has become the ‘standard’ productivity suite by which all others are compared. Click Here to request more information on our managed cloud solutions…

onWatch SHIELD EndPoint Security and how it works for you

  onWatch SHIELD EndPoint Security Our EndPoint Security service is the backbone of our suite of services. Beyond just anti-virus and anti-malware, it provides remote automation and monitoring that is used to streamline the setup and maintenance of many of our cloud services. Click Here to request more info Anti-Virus Protection Starting with anti-malware, we…

onWatch Services Working Together for You

We’ve designed our services to compliment themselves. While each service works well on its own, a small business network can see significant benefits from the synergies of all our services working together.     EndPoint Security Our EndPoint Security service is the foundation of how we manage our client’s PC’s. By ensuring our clients PC’s…

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Office 365

5 Reasons to Subscribe to Office 365 Microsoft Office 365 is a subscription based online suite of software products. There are many benefits to subscribing to this service. In our blog below we cover just a few of those benefits. Check out our services today, and see what we can help you achieve with Office…

Social Media in the Workplace

Social Media in the Workplace   We have had an increasing number of clients ask our opinion about the use of social media on company time. Not surprising when you consider that the use of social media among American adults has risen from around 5% in 2006 to 69% in 2016, according to a Pew Research…

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